Building The Right AMAZON Platform Experts Team


As Amazon continues to grow and expand its reach, the need for experts in the Amazon platform has never been greater. It is not only about finding the right product or discovering if you want to do seller or vendor. It is about having the team of experts who has created the same process for other companies and has brought them success.  


There are many agencies who can help you with this. They will do it quick, and efficient, but more expensive and they will never share their "know how" with you. So, when you are done with them, you can also say goodbye to your amazon strategy for the following months. If you read about how to do it, you know it keeps constant updating of research and you cannot just set the products and see it grow.  

If you want or need to keep the knowledge inside your company, you better start a team of freelancers or full-time professionals who can help you with the different areas of selling in Amazon.  

There are many different people and areas where to specialise, as in any other side of business 

You will need: 

  1. Optimisation experts 
  2. SEO
  3. PPC
  4. Designers 
  5. Content writers 
  6. and a long etc...  


There are many platforms like,, etc where you can register and hire a team of freelancers.  

How you build the team is up to you, but it is extremely important that you have a clear idea, and you built the team around it, and not the other way around.  

What we mean by this is that is important to know if you want to have a small and slow approach or a fast and risky approach. Both very valid options, and you will have many gurus telling you the benefits of each of them.  

However, when you face each of those recruitments, you need to make sure they are the amazon freelancers that you need. You cannot risk hiring someone who is not the right fit for you. It is not only about the money you waste on them, but also about what a wrong decision could make to your account.  

You know that if your product is not successful at the beginning, or you have some bad reviews it will go directly to the bottom of the listings.... and then, it will be impossible or almost impossible to escape from that. 


In order to find the best candidates for these positions, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. It can be frustrating sometimes to hire people for roles where you don’t know if they have just great communication skills or if they are just the best professional in their field.  

For that is important to have a good source, to know exactly what a good candidate and the kind of skills is you need to be analysing. Nobody is going to help you 100% on this, as your own perspective of what your business should be is essential. However, having that list of skills and a great list of questions to analyse the skills could really help.  

For that reason, we created a document that could help you with this. Ask the right competency and behavioural interview questions.  

When it comes to competency, some of the key areas that should be explored include a candidate's understanding of the Amazon platform, their ability to use Amazon tools, and their knowledge of Amazon best practices. Behavioural interview questions should focus on a candidate's ability to work effectively with others, their problem-solving skills, and their ability to handle customer inquiries.  

Asking the right questions during the interview process will help to ensure that the best candidates are hired for the job. By taking the time to explore a candidate's skills and abilities, employers can be confident that they are making the best hiring decision for their business. 


Good luck with the process!