What google does with their job ads

Google is the biggest (or one of the) employer in the world. That’s been known for a long time now. There are so many different posts about how you can get hired by them, that it looks easy. You can also find a similar amount on how Google hires but when we researched more into it, we realized that 90% of them don't talk about what Google does with their Job Ads.  

It might be because they are easy to find, but the beauty is how normal and standard they are. People would be surprised to analyse the simplicity and traditional approach that they have in their publications.  

Have you ever taken the time to look at what google does with their job descriptions?  

We are not going to even speak about what they do with the recruitment process, just their job descriptions on their career's portal.  

It is interesting to see how many self-called “gurus” talk about how importance of making the job description attractive, sellable to the candidate. They will tell you that people don’t read the job description, so you must reduce it and make it fun.  

We keep hearing that we need to be more innovative, flexible and agile in the workplace. One of the problems with this is people’s expectations of what is supposed to happen/happen next. 

Job descriptions can follow a general outline, but they usually differ drastically from one business to another even though they serve the same fundamental purpose ===> Hire employees 

After you read this article. Please don’t leave it here!! Have a look to the google career’s portal, any job post. ANY!  

They don’t talk about the benefits; they don’t talk about what you would get... they tell you what you need in order to be successful in the recruitment. 

Yes, it is true, you know they are Google, and you should know if you want to work for them or not as a company. However, they don’t even make the effort. This is what YOU need.  

If you continue reading, after it, they tell you about the job and responsibilities. NO, they don’t mention the salary. However, to be completely fair, they have a great summary of their benefits on another page.  

How can your small company learn from what Google does with their job ads  

  1. Learn that the important part is the skills and the needs you have for the role. It is not a shiny glittery smoke that covers everything, where people send their cv without even knowing if they fit or not, or whether if they want the role. 
  2. Make sure the job description is going to help you to hire employees/collaborators, not to get Instagram followers 
  3. Try to align it with an effective recruitment process. 
  4. Avoid the glittering in the advert, unless is really needed, do a nice job description and modify it to make it a little bit more attractive for the eyes of a candidate.  
  5. Their benefits page (at Google) is really nice, if you can and have enough content, try to add it to your “about us” page. 

We hope this was helpful!