When do you need HR in your company?

Every small business owner knows, or at least have a clear idea on when they need to hire a salesperson, marketing, even if the role is confusing, and they all know when to hire finance, or at least an accountant/ office manager. The big question is when do you need HR in your company?  

It is not an easy to solve question because many entrepreneurs don’t know that when their employees level gets to a certain level, everything they do is around HR. However, they believe they are doing CEO’s stuff. 

Why is important to hire HR at the right moment in your company?  

HR will not just do the admin part, but if you hire someone with experience, they will do your processes more effective and efficient. Things will happen faster, but most importantly, you will not be the bottleneck for them.  

How many times have you postponed a recruitment process because you couldn’t do interviews? How many times you haven’t fired someone who needed to be fired because you couldn’t afford to find and train a replacement?  

This should be a red flag already. However, if this is not good enough, we give you below some of the key aspects that you should evaluate when thinking about hiring a HR Manager for your company.  

When do you need HR in your Company?  

First point:

 When you, or someone who could be doing something else, spend at least 20 hours per week, or 80 per month doing some of the following tasks 

  • Approving leave and making sure that your teams are covered. 
  • Recruiting (doing job descriptions, planning teams, interviewing, scheduling, sending emails (even if they are automatically sent) deciding on who gets the role, rejecting candidates, hiring people, doing contracts 
  • Onboarding: preparing information, letting the team know, welcoming this person, planning their training, making sure they have equipment, etc...  
  • Firing people: if you spend a lot of time preparing information and legal documents, having disciplinary hearings, etc... 
  • Having “complains” meetings: If your team spends a lot of time coming to you to complain about how the other teams don’t work, etc... 


If this and more, takes more than half of your week, then you need to hire someone to help with HR. 

Second point:

As we mentioned above, when you don’t have enough time to dedicate to the HR aspects of the business and that is affecting your company. If you are the bottleneck for many decissions or actions that should be happening, please, seriously consider hiring a HR professional in your company.  

How do I know what kind of HR professional I need?  

The best option is always to do a job analysis, if you don’t know how to do this, you will find help in our general job description template with a clear guidance and steps to complete it.  

What you must have in mind is the tasks that this person will need to do, how much will it take them, and the kind of skills they will need to be good at this job.  

Once you have that, it will be clear, and you can start drafting your job description and structuring your recruitment process.  

It could be tricky to interview people who do that for living, so make sure you have the right questions and skills handy, so they don’t trick you. HR is a crucial role, having the wrong person could seriously damage your team and culture and everything you have worked for.