How do you verify information during your recruitment process?

From your high school diploma to your master's degree, or all the in between certifications that you might have done to get you where you wanted, you have worked hard to get them and to make sure you were on the top of your promotion.  

However, everyone is aware that there are many people who don’t do the effort, and unfortunately, in this world, is possible to buy those certifications.  

In 2014, an investigation run by a radio program on the BBC discovered that just in the UK over 4000 people bought titles from a website in just 2 years.  

This proves that a good CV is not always prove of an excellent way of working, discipline and self-control. It might just be a proof of a good financial situation that allows them to buy titles from the internet.  



Obviously, the CV is a good way to start, and it helps you filtering your list of candidates for the interviews. That there are people lying, it doesn’t mean you need to recruit those with a bad profile, it just means that there might be some of those good profiles that might not be that good.  

Background check is always a good idea:  

We are not talking about spending money on a background check for every single candidate that you interview, but a search on Google before you speak to them will give you a better understanding of how real their story is, and if there are any surprises.  

As a tip, make sure you see if the title on the CV matches the ones on LinkedIn or the employers' site. Sometimes they just change the title for some make up, but sometimes they claim to have their manager’s role, or they mention they are running the department on their own, when there are 5 people there.  

Get the interview questions right!  

It is extremely important that you focus during the interview. You don’t want to waste your time interviewing people for one hour, when you might be able to know if they are lying within 10 minutes.  

However, the most important part is to analyse their skills. Are they the right fit for your company or are they just overselling their skills?  What kind of skills do you need them to have? And the most important part, can they prove during the interview that they have relevant experience?  

It is hard for entrepreneurs and first-time managers to get the interviews right. That is why having a template can always help you with that. Making sure you analyse the role and the job description in advance, or that you are fair and equal to all of them.  

If you do not have a clear idea on what you are looking for or how your interview should look like, you can have a look to the guides we have created for your recruitment process. Find the most appropriate competency & behavioural questions pack for you and just download it to start getting your interviews perfect!