Become a provider is a one stop platform that aims to help entrepreneurs to save time and money while they get the best resources for their companies.

A platform where customers only pay for what the use. No annual fees, no useless documents. Entrepreneurs get here what they really need, not what we put together just to make the platform look bigger.

We do this with high quality documents. High quality documents coming and signed by great professionals with experience in their field that give the document the transparency and trust that every company needs.

Do you want to earn some extra money with documents that you already have??

If you are a professional with a solid background and you are aiming to increase your monthly revenue, we are eager to hear from you and what you can offer to our base of small and medium companies that want to receive help from you.  

We offer an incredibly competitive program to our providers where we do the heavy lifting, and you deliver the work that most probably you have already done.  

If this resonates with you, and it sounds like something that could help you, please contact us on the form below.  

What we are looking for when chosing our providers:  

  • A professional with a background in HR, Legal, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations or Logistics (if there is anything we are missing, please let us know) that can deliver serious template documents.  
  • You must have not just a solid background, but also a visible online presence. Without it. Your name will be showing with your products, and we need to show to our customers that your experience is real and relevant.  
  • For the time being we are only selling products in English. Your documents must be written in excellent English.  
  • Your documents must be free of any legal restrictions (so, if you are a lawyer or HR professional and your documents legally belong to your employer, you will not be able to sell those documents at  
  • will not be responsible for any misdoing related to the above. 

 Do you ever wonder?  

  • How can you make extra money at the end of the month or the year? Not the type of money you cannot register, but how to make extra money from home, or the office legitimately.  
  • How do I sell my documents, those that I created for many clients but take ages to sell to one client?  


We will only sell one product per type, and we will try to stick to the same provider, so if your nice or product is not covered, please contact us as soon as possible, or you might lose your opportunity.  


Looking forward to reading your message!!